Thank you for contacting Gjnjah Tibetan Spaniels.  Please complete [copy/paste into email] the following form to be considered for a Tibbie adoption/placement, since all our dogs are sold to approved homes only.



I.               Contact Information:


*First Name:        ________________________


*Last Name:         ________________________


*Street Address: _______________________________________


*City: ______________________________________________


*State/Province: ______________________________________


*Zip/Postal Code: ______________________


*Country: ____________________________


*PHONE [Daytime]: ____________________________


*PHONE [Evening]: ____________________________


*PHONE [Other]: ______________________________


*E-Mail: ____________________________


*Website: ____________________________


II.            List all family members living at home [ages]:








III.         Do you have a fenced yard or secure environment if your Tibetan Spaniel is outside [please explain in detail]?






IV.          Do you have any other dogs/pets?  YES/NO


If YES, please provide details; how many, age, type






V.     Approximately how many hours per day would the puppy/dog  be left alone if you work?





VI.          Have you ever placed a pet in a SHELTER or with a RESCUE CLUB, such as the Humane Society?  YES/NO






VII.   Your VETERINARIANS Name, Address, Phone Number:





VIII.    Please provide TWO references with PHONE NUMBERS:





IX.          Would you be willing to let someone do a home visit?



X.             What gender are you interested in owning and AGE?







XI.          How did you find out about the Tibetan Spaniel? 




XII.       How did you find GJNJAH TIBETAN SPANIELS?




XIII.    List any other important information you think I would find useful in placing one of my Tibetan Spaniels in your care.